1. Snowboard Magazine

    This year marks our eighth season at SNOWBOARD magazine, and we continue to thrive thanks to the support of our readers and our friends in the industry. Our continuing effort to focus on Product, Places and Personalities has helped us maintain the highest standard in publishing and media.

    We say media because SNOWBOARD is no longer just a magazine. Our staff creates content for print, podcast, website, social media and more. Our audience wants to know what is happening now, and they expect to find that information on their computers and phones, on websites and social media. Snowboarders are no longer a passive audience, they want to be engaged in a relationship between media, industry and reader. SNOWBOARD magazine’s goal is to facilitate every conversation that concerns snowboarders and snowboarding in any media, and to create the content that drives those conversations.

    This in no way means that the print magazine is a thing of the past, but today it is one medium among many that we use to engage and speak to our audience on a daily basis.

    – Chris Owen
    Editor & Photo Editor

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