1. Freeskier Magazine

    Undermining the status quo has been part of FREESKIER’s DNA since our inception in 1998. Today the insurgency continues, and now our target is the role and definition of media.

    We’re no longer just a magazine company. Today, FREESKIER is a mutli-platform, multi-channel connection between the ski industry and skiers. Every year our staff creates six magazines, thousands of photos, countless stories and hundreds of videos, and we distribute this massive pool of ski content through print, podcast, website, social media and more.

    Our readers’ expectations of  media and advertisers are evolving at lightning pace. Today’s youth are aware, active and involved. They want content in their hands, on their computers and on their phones. They demand a truly horizontal conversation between writer, industry and reader. Our goal at FREESKIER is to facilitate that conversation — whether it takes place on Facebook.com or Freeskier.com — and to work both independently and in conjunction with our partners create the content that skiers are talking about.

    “FREESKIER Magazine has turned the ski media landscape upside down with their innovative approach to the sport, and also with the integrated ‘new media’ strategy that they re-invent all day, every day. We love that!” 
    - Jean-Yves Couput, US Marketing Director / Global Outdoor Brand Manager, SALOMON USA

    The advent of social and online media offers ski industry companies the potential to communicate directly with their consumers, but they must have both the content and the savvy to do it with an authentic voice. To help our clients bridge that gap, Storm Mountain Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of Storm Mountain Media, a small, nimble in-house agency designed to handle the custom content and online media needs of today’s advertiser.

    Make no mistake: print is not dead. FREESKIER magazine continues to thrive, and continues to be our signature product. But our print magazines represent just one branch of a 21st century media company. At FREESKIER, we are positioned to flourish in a new media ecosystem by combining print, online, social and custom media to help our partners achieve their goals. The agility and forward-thinking company culture that established us as leaders in a skiing revolution will enable FREESKIER to stay ahead of the media curve for the next decade.

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